Our Vision

99BOTS relieves people of routine tasks through intelligent, self-learning automation solutions that redefine process reliability and efficiency in the insurance and finance industries.

Our Mission

We produce lightweight, standardized, highly automated, and integrable services for our customers. We don't hack "tools" for isolated problems. We build solutions for the entire process, data protection, and GDPR complaints. We always work for your success.

About us

At 99BOTS, we merge advanced AI-driven technology with deep process understanding to develop solutions that fit perfectly into your company's specific system landscapes and regulatory frameworks.

Our goal is to harness the transformative power of AI for your company. We build intelligent automation modules, personalized service bots, and new management interfaces that are specifically designed to redefine efficiency in the administration of your products and ensure operational excellence consistently and independently.

All modules and solutions from the 99BOTS PULSEECOSYSTEM can be seamlessly integrated, so that you can incorporate, connect, or integrate the advantages of our innovative technology into your existing processes.

At 99BOTS, we understand the unique challenges faced by financial and insurance companies and their distributors and intermediaries. That is why we believe in working closely with you and your company to develop solutions that are not only technologically groundbreaking but also immediately practical and highly effective.

We are looking to a future in which AI is not just a possibility but a given in your day-to-day business. 99BOTS is here to accompany you on this journey and ensure your company is at the forefront of the technological revolution.

+ 15 years

Experience in Technology Development, Specializing in the Finance and Insurance Industries

What defines us

Future-oriented Advice, Planning and Implementation of Your Projects

Our future-oriented consulting focuses not only on making your company fit for current challenges but also on proactively preparing it for potential future developments. Our advice takes into account trends, technological advances, and changing market conditions in order to develop sustainable and scalable solutions with you.

We continuously follow the latest technology trends, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain or IoT (Internet of Things), and consistently implement these technologies with you in products that optimize your business processes and generate new growth opportunities.

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, flexibility is crucial. We therefore develop solutions in a modular ecosystem that has a lot to offer and can be easily adapted, expanded, or integrated to meet new business requirements.

Data-driven Decision-making

The ability to gain valuable insights from large amounts of data is becoming increasingly important. We place a strong focus on data-driven solutions that help the system, and ultimately you, make informed decisions and plan ahead.

Security and Data Protection

With cyber threats and data breaches on the rise, platform security is of utmost importance. We value robust security architectures and compliance with current data protection laws to maintain the trust of your employees and minimize risks.

Personalization and User Experience

The expectations of ergonomics and simplification in the operation of systems are constantly increasing. We work with you to develop new customizable user interfaces that are designed for optimal (minimal) usability and, therefore, maximum efficiency.

Working in Partnership

We see our customers as part of our solution. Customers are partners with whom we plan strategically in order to remain agile together, adapt quickly to changes, and grow sustainably.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Given the growing awareness of ecological and social issues, we are progressively taking sustainability aspects into account. We develop software that works efficiently, has low energy consumption, and is always in accordance with ethical standards.