We develop platforms and services that use AI in an integrated manner. Our innovative PULSEECOSYSTEM makes management solutions more modular, intuitive, and efficient.

Experience self-learning, personalized, highly simplified interfaces, fully automated processes, and completely networked end-to-end solutions for complex communication.



Calling all AI Enthusiasts and Automation Fanatics! Tired of the same old, clunky automation tools? We feel you!
That's why 99BOTS just blasted onto the scene like a caffeinated cyborg and

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Our website is live! 🎊

At first we were skeptical, but then we listened to our friends πŸ‘€πŸ‘‚πŸ½ - and here we are! We welcome suggestions, criticism and even praise and look forward to them

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Our Services

For Service Providers

Do you offer services in the administration of company pension schemes, lifetime working accounts, or employee benefits? Do you manage a pension fund, a pension company, or a social partner model? Do you need a technological upgrade or an overview of how the magic of AI can be integrated into your field and create real added value?

For Companies

If you manage your bAV, bKV, or your lifetime working accounts yourself, then we are the perfect technology partner for you. We deliver software and platforms that truly ease the burden and provide next-generation services to all program participants. In addition, you retain control over your data, and we ensure secure digital connections for all participants.

For Product Providers

With our technology, we enable you to automate routine tasks via integrative sales portals, which creates space for consulting-intensive and value-adding activities. AI-supported automated processes in the processing of claims partially reduce processing times to zero and further improve quality and the customer experience.

For All

Our revolutionary licensing model, which declares war on vendor lock-in, relies on openness, flexibility, and fairness. It offers modular freedom and promotes seamless switching between platforms, systems, and service providers without you having to repeatedly migrate data from A to B or have portals redeveloped. This model is your ticket to new digital independence! Also from us, by the way.

Our Vision

99BOTS relieves people of routine tasks through intelligent, self-learning automation solutions that redefine process reliability and efficiency in the insurance and finance industries.

Our Mission

We produce lightweight, standardized, highly automated, and integrable services for our customers. We don't hack "tools" for isolated problems. We build solutions for the entire process, data protection, and GDPR complaints. We always work for your success.

About us

We are a team of technology enthusiasts characterized by years of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of the power of innovative solutions. We push the boundaries of what is possible through the use of advanced technologies, and we do so with a strong ethical foundation. We believe that technology works best when it is based on values such as integrity, transparency, and sustainability.

Our expertise spans across various areas of technology, from classic platform development and artificial intelligence to cloud solutions and cybersecurity.

+ 15 years

Experience in Technology Development, Specializing in the Finance and Insurance Industries

Our Customers



Finally, data sovereignty! Protect your most sensitive data in an undivided database set up especially for you. Bring your own key and migrate your data for the last time. WithΒ PULSEBASE, you get back control of all your data. You decide on access, monitoring, and delivery to connected systems.


PULSE VirtualAccounts specializes in the complex requirements of, for example, bAV, LAZ, and CTA. Netting, pooling, fund splitting, advance lump sums, distributions, rebates, and automated releases are part of standard routines. Bank accounts can now be booked directly. As a machine integrated into the process,Β PULSEVA is a real game changer!


PULSE PeaceMaker are intelligent adapters that manage connections between different systems in real time. They learn from every interaction, adapt dynamically, and optimize communication to ensure true end-to-end processing. PULSEPM also offers real-time testing options and audit-proof storage of results.


PULSE DeepConnect sucks in data from every conceivable channel: emails, online forms, letters, or IoT. It transcribes calls and turns chaos into order. No information is lost. PULSEDC asks questions, compiles new forms, and sends emails, text messages, or letters. GDPR-compliant and secure.

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