Our website is live! 🎊

At first we were skeptical, but then we listened to our friends 👀👂🏽

- and here we are!
We welcome suggestions, criticism and even praise and look forward to exchanging ideas with you! 🗣️

The completion of our website has had to take a back seat to the intensive work on PULSEBASEand PULSEDC. However, both products are now in the Beta 2 phase, and you can look forward to the first demo versions - "Sneak Preview" at the end of March!

PULSEDC (DeepConnect) is an AI BOT that handles bidirectional communication with your customers, employees, suppliers, or authorities, provides your processes with structured data, or processes them directly and automatically.

With PULSEDC, you can take your business to the next level and do so safely. 99BOTS stands for data sovereignty, data protection, and data security. AI made in Europe!